Tfam13 Poetry: Inner Peace

Peace I’m trying my best to find inner peace All I want is for the negative thoughts in my my mind to cease Why do I have so much anger and anxiety inside of me I think back to the slightly younger me Back when I was even more violent and frozen cold When IContinue reading “Tfam13 Poetry: Inner Peace”

Tfam13 Poetry: There for You

The love of my forever, I’ll always be there for you For a man that has admittedly made a mistake, or two I’m the luckiest guy in the world for whatever the reason, but it is indeed true I’m sorry for the times I did not treat you as a queen, I have many thingsContinue reading “Tfam13 Poetry: There for You”

The Magical Staff (A Story For My Daughter)

It was a warm and beautiful day in our small town in Oregon. Unfortunately, you were far away, visiting momma’s family and friends. You were just a small baby. Like your little sister is now, a tiny ball of joy.  Your Grandparents and I wanted to go find a river to play in. We traveledContinue reading “The Magical Staff (A Story For My Daughter)”

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