The Pale Chronicles Part 13

I felt pretty crappy that I was so in awe of escaping Torin and finally flying a freighter, I was just letting my dying friend lay unconscious on the floor. Eps put the freighter on auto pilot and we were off to help Grady. I had not the slightest chance of keeping up with Eps.Continue reading “The Pale Chronicles Part 13”

The Pale Chronicles Part 12

Grady fell to one knee, holding his right shoulder with agony written all over his face. I ran over to my friend’s aid immediately. The wound in Grady’s shoulder looked gruesome. Basically, a big chunk of Grady’s right shoulder was missing. “Grady, are you going to make it? Can you walk?” I asked urgently.  GradyContinue reading “The Pale Chronicles Part 12”

The Pale Chronicles Part 11

Baldy responded to Emry with his gun aimed right at Emry’s temple. “Looks like Noretrade is saying you lot are not associates of theirs.” Baldy then gave Emry a few taps on her temple with the tip of his pistol. “Now let’s take a little trip to our holding cells before I blow a holeContinue reading “The Pale Chronicles Part 11”

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