Tfam13 Blogs: Me (part 2)

Welcome back to the Tfam13 Blogs! Before you start reading this blog, make sure you check out the Tfam13 Blogs: Part 1. So, today I figure the best place to take this blog is to tell you a little bit more about myself.  Childhood Let’s go back to the very beginning where it all began?Continue reading “Tfam13 Blogs: Me (part 2)”

Sweet and Short Stories: Robin Hood Remake Disney Plus

Robin Hood (1973) will be the next movie remake for Disney. Like the Lion King, Robin Hood will be a CGI live action remake. Unlike the Lion King however, the Robin Hood remake will go straight to Disney Plus. Also, this new version of Robin Hood will also be a musical.  Writer of Disney Plus’sContinue reading “Sweet and Short Stories: Robin Hood Remake Disney Plus”

Sweet and Short Stories: Artemis Fowl Release Date and Plot

When is Artemis Fowl’s Release Date? Artemis Fowl is set to go directly on Disney Plus. There is still no confirmed release date, however after doing some digging it looks like it should be on Disney Plus by summer 2020. The film was previously set to hit the big screens on May 29th 2020, andContinue reading “Sweet and Short Stories: Artemis Fowl Release Date and Plot”

Sweet and Short Reviews: Dolittle

Welcome to my Sweet and Short Reviews blog! This blog is all about reviewing my favorite movies, music, and whatever really. While keeping the reviews sweet and short. We all got things we need to do, right? I most definitely appreciate you reading this blog, and I hope you enjoy the review. This new takeContinue reading “Sweet and Short Reviews: Dolittle”

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