Tfam13 Gaming: New Galactus Skin Leak🤯

Fortnite has had some super dope Marvel skins come out this season. Which makes sense, considering this season is a Marvel season.

Starting tomorrow, the last shabang of the season is going down. Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, is coming by tomorrow to snack on Fortnite until it’s zip, nada, zero. All the Marvel heroes, along with Fortnite players, are going to take on the mighty giant. However, that may not be the last time we see the world snacker.

On Twitter, a pic was leaked of what appears to be Galactus looking extremely phresh (pic below👇). Although, it is still unclear if this will be a skin we will be able to buy in the item shop in season 5, or if this will just be how the big guy looks in the season ending event. Personally, I really hope Fortnite puts the Galactus skin in the item shop. I would snatch up that skin faster than a snap from Thanos himself.

Let me know what you think is going to happen with the Galactus skin, and if you are stoked for the battle going down at the end of season 4. Have a good day out there people! 🤙✌️

Published by Tanner Shurtliff

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