Liebster Award

Thank you Potterheadaanya for nominating me for this award. I appreciate it very much and wish you the best.


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. 

  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.

  3. Nominee 11 other Bloggers

  4. Ask your nominees 11 questions

  5. Notify your nominees when you upload your post

My answers:

  1. Do you like stories?

I love stories. I love writing them. Also, I’m a huge fan of reading or watching a good story.

  1. Which country do you belong to?


  1. When is your birthday?

February 3rd, 1993.

  1. Suggest me a story theme.

Magical betrayal

  1. What inspired you to write blogs?

I have loved writing stories and poems since elementary school. Now writing helps me deal with my struggle with anxiety and depression. Writing helps a great deal.  Then I decided why not share my stories and life journey with others.

  1. If you have a wish what would it be?

To give my wife and two daughters everything and anything they have ever wanted.

  1. Describe yourself.

Introvert that can be outgoing. A young adult who is a father and husband. A good guy but is still working on himself.

  1. What place would you like to visit again?

My hometown of Las Vegas.

  1. One weakness you want to overcome.

To not let depression and anxiety dictate my life journey.

  1. What did you learn during the Covid 19 Pandemic?

That life can change in a blink of an eye.

  1. Your favorite song/quote.

Not all those who wander are lost.”-J.R.R. Tolkien.

My Questions: I am going to pass the same questions on as well.

  1. Happytonic

  2. Pvcann

  3. Lance Sheridan

  4. The Knight of the Pen

  5. Jay

  6. Calypte

  7. Jesspopculture95

  8. Theusedlife

  9. Ameet Kothari

  10. Prerna’s Blog

  11. K.Hazlett

Everyone I nominated, I really enjoy your blogs. The only part that is hard about this is there are so many great blogs out there I could nominate endless blogs. Thanks Potterheadaanya for nominating me for this award! Go check out Potterheadaanya’s Blog now🤙✌️ Everyone have a good one and stay safe out there😊🙏

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