Tfam13 Poetry: 2 AM Paranoia

Another night I can’t sleep

Paranoia laying beside me

Guess I’ll write some lines to pass the time

It’s the best therapy I know, so here, I’ll give it a go

Everywhere I turn Paranoia is around every corner

Even when I stay in my home I’ll sometimes feel like a foreigner

I tell myself it’s just all in my head and it’s something I can conquer

Always second guessing myself driving myself bonkers

I swear I could be the best there was at everything, and I’d still be wondering in the back of my head,  hhmm, am I worth anything?

Then I snap back into reality staring up at the ceiling

Wondering in life will I even make a little ding

Just laying here thinking and pondering what the future will bring

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, all I really want is to make my family proud, while making sure they are all taken care of

This includes my parents, grandma, and sister, and all my girls, who I will forever love

Making sure they all never have to worry about a thing, including me, are things I dream of

I know that’s what I truly want for the ones I love

I promise myself I’ll never stop trying to provide for my family, while trying to do a better job of working on myself

Even when self doubt and paranoia comes creeping in, no matter how bad it gets I just have to be a man and take it right on the chin

Published by Tanner Shurtliff

Tfam13 is all about my sci-fi/fantasy stories. Writing has always been my passion. I hope you all enjoy! Thanks 🤙

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