Tfam13 Poetry: Woodland Fairy

This woodland fairy is innocent and youthful, that is her nature

She has been warned not to stray into the Dark Forest, where evil creatures roam impure

The woodland fairy is curious, it can not be helped but to explore

She roams and plays in the forest aimlessly, not thinking of danger that could occur

The unfortunate fairy suddenly hits a branch, hitting the ground, falling down the hillside

Before she knows it, the youngling is in a foreign and scary place, truly terrified

Her heart suddenly races, her wings start fluttering, ready to glide

As she is about to fly, the redcap goblin attacks out of nowhere, the fairy quickly leaps towards the sky

As she soars away, the horrid snarls of the redcap is close behind

The poor little fairy wasn’t fast enough, the goblin knew that the small one was out of precious time

As the gruesome creature was just about to catch the fairy, a white blur tackled the redcap in kind

What now stood between the fairy and goblin was a white fox with nine tails, and a viscous growl that was most unkind

The redcap looked at his new foe, and was instantly fearful and scared

The evil creature ran out of sight, the fairy could not believe she had been spared

The kind nine tailed fox gave the little fairy a smile, and took her back to her home with care

Before the fox left, she told the woodland fairy to listen to her elders, and when it comes to the Dark Forest, always beware

For my precious little fairy

Published by Tanner Shurtliff

Tfam13 is all about my sci-fi/fantasy stories. Writing has always been my passion. I hope you all enjoy! Thanks 🤙

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