Tfam13 Poetry: There for You

The love of my forever, I’ll always be there for you

For a man that has admittedly made a mistake, or two

I’m the luckiest guy in the world for whatever the reason, but it is indeed true

I’m sorry for the times I did not treat you as a queen, I have many things I wish I could go back and undue

You have always been there for me, this I’ll never have a single doubt

There has never been one as loyal and caring, you are my constant throughout

I know you would fight for me and our family, no matter how dangerous the bout

When I’m not with you, I feel sick and strung out

You are the rock that we all need and love, you hold it all together

With you, I know it’s not till death, but it is forever

No matter where we go, or how nasty the weather

When I look at your beauty and spirit, you still make me feel as light as a feather

Me and you saying I do, was so long over do

The first time I saw you, I simply and utterly knew

That you were the most spectacular girl, and you were the one I needed to pursue

The love of my forever, I’ll always be there for you

Published by Tanner Shurtliff

Tfam13 is all about my sci-fi/fantasy stories. Writing has always been my passion. I hope you all enjoy! Thanks 🤙

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