Tfam13 Poetry: New Life

As she opens her eyes for the first time in this world, I’m overwhelmed with a thousand different emotions.

I feel joy, but I feel pride most of all.

At the same time, I am fearful for her.

Fearful of the world, and how I can’t protect her from it all.

Fearful of the pain, and the suffering you can feel from within.

I take a breath.

As I look down at my girls, and they look at me, I know it’s my duty to show them all the wonder and beauty of this world.

To teach her to love, and to be kind.

To never be afraid.

To hopefully not make some of the mistakes I have made.

I want everything in this world and beyond to be impeccable for her.

I would give her the universe, if it was mine to hand over.

As I hold my family in my arms, I know we will always be together, and our adventures will never end.

Published by Tanner Shurtliff

Tfam13 is all about my sci-fi/fantasy stories. Writing has always been my passion. I hope you all enjoy! Thanks 🤙

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