Sweet and Short Reviews: The Wrong Missy (2020)

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Today my review is going to be on a new David Spade comedy, The Wrong Missy. This movie just dropped on Netflix recently. The wifey and I saw it on Netflix’s top ten and noticed David Spade and Rob Schneider. At once we knew we must watch this new comedy right away. I’m so glad we did because this movie rips so hard! (And by that I mean it is really good!)

The Wrong Missy is produced by Adam Sandler and directed by Tyler Spindel. Besides Schneider and Spade, there is also Nick Swardson and Chris Witaske (Two really funny dudes). Then we have Missy. Missy is played by Lauren Lapkus. I got to come clean here guys and gals. Before watching The Wrong Missy, I had no idea who Lauren Lapkus was. Now I definitely do. She is extremely funny and crazy. Missy really does make the movie and everyone plays off her amazingly. 

The Wrong Missy is basically about David Spade going on a business trip to Hawaii and accidentally brings the wrong girl via text. This movie, for me, is an instant classic. It’s so funny I definitely recommend checking it out. 

In my book, The Wrong Missy, is an insane adventure and is definitely a solid flick. Feel free to give this review a big like, and comment what you thought of Dead to Me. If you enjoy sci-fi and fantasy stories check out my website, tfam13.com. Watch out for more of my Sweet and Short reviews. I hope you enjoy the blog! Peace๐Ÿค™

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  1. This movie was fun friend…. She is an expert of all the jobs whether it comes to chiropracter, psychologist, etc….

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