Sweet and Short Reviews: The Last Kingdom Season 4

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Destiny is all!

Today’s review is on The Last Kingdom season 4. If you want the lowdown on what the gist of this show is, you can check out a review I did on the first three seasons on my blog. The Last Kingdom has been one of my favorite all time shows for awhile now. You can check out all of the seasons of The Last Kingdom on Netflix now. If you haven’t seen The Last Kingdom, quick, drop what you’re doing and go get caught up on it. I should mention, only check it out if you are into Vikings, Saxons, bloody fighting, dirty politics, and entertaining writing. 

The one big concern I had going into season 4 of The Last Kingdom was how would the show do without King Alfred (David Dawson)? To answer my past self, the 4th season was extremely good, even without the great King Alfred. The newest season of The Last Kingdom has so much interesting stuff going on it never misses a beat. If you are looking for a binge worthy show, and you don’t mind gory battle scenes, I would recommend checking it out. 

In the 4th season we get to see King Alfred’s son, Edward, rule the throne of Wessex. Let’s just say he kinda sucks at being King. And by kinda, I mean he sucks a lot. Then there is Edward’s sister, Aethelflaed. What’s going to happen with her and Uhtred? Speaking of Uhtred, will he ever regain his birthright? What are Uhtred’s kids like grown up? If you want to know the answer to these questions and more, go watch season 4 of The Last Kingdom now!

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5 thoughts on “Sweet and Short Reviews: The Last Kingdom Season 4

  1. I do love this series. The Netflix blurb does it no justice at all. I’d never have watched it were it not for all the folks on twitter saying how good it is. So nice to see.

      1. I am ashamed to say I think we may have binned some of these when we moved house 6 years back. In my defense we had 3000 books at that point and the MR. had never read these ones …. BUT it is a great series. Halfway through the latest one right now.

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