The Pale Chronicles Part 13

I felt pretty crappy that I was so in awe of escaping Torin and finally flying a freighter, I was just letting my dying friend lay unconscious on the floor. Eps put the freighter on auto pilot and we were off to help Grady. I had not the slightest chance of keeping up with Eps. He was out of sight right away as he zipped off out of the room. 

As I arrived at Grady’s side, Eps already appeared to be spraying some type of goo like substance out the ends of his hands on Grady’s wound. “What are you doing? Is he going to be alright?” I asked Eps urgently. 

Eps continued his spraying. “I have no idea. This ointment will help, but I’m no medical android. Why don’t you make yourself useful and see if this freighter has a medical room, first aid kit, or anything that might be useful.” Eps suggested in an annoyed tone.

“You got it bubs.” I replied quickly. As I ran back up the stairs and down a new hall, I couldn’t help to think that if it wasn’t for Eps, Grady and myself would be dead men. I never felt more helpless in my life. 

Actually, scratch that. I had felt more helpless once. However, that’s a story for another time. I entered all kinds of different rooms in my search to help my friend. I found sleeping quarters, a kitchen, storage rooms, until I finally found what I was looking for. 

Once again, I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. This freighter just gets better and better. In the middle of the room was a medical table. Around the room were lots of touch screens, counters, cabinets, a desk, and a lot of medical equipment that looked foreign to me. Pretty much all the works. This sweet ship was nicer than I could have ever imagined. 

Beyond the main medical room looked to be four more rooms attached to it. I went to investigate the room on the right. Inside the first room was another much smaller medical room. It had an identical medical table and a similar layout around the room.

“Hello sir, my name …” A quiet voice began to say behind me. I turned around with my hand on my gun that was resting on my hip. 

Startled, I took a quick step back and let out a “woah” sort of noise. Before me was a small alien in a white lab coat. I had never seen an alien like this before.  

She was probably only 3 to 4 feet tall max. Her frame resembled a human body pretty darn close. Her arms looked a little longer than they should be, compared to the rest of her body though. Also, the skin, or fur (I couldn’t tell), was a darkish pinkish color. Her hair was a violet purple kind of color down to her shoulders. Her eyes were a beautiful mixture of both colors. I didn’t think she was dangerous, on the account she looked absolutely scared to death.

Immediately, she put her hands over her face and fell backwards. “Please don’t shoot! I mean you no harm! I’m just a doctor!” Yelled the little colorful doctor.

“Doctor? Slow down, I’m not going to shoot you.” I said with my most calm and friendly voice. I slowly took my hand off my gun, and crouched down low to get on the doctor’s level. 

“What’s your name doctor?” I inquired nicely.

The doctor put her hands down slightly. “Tykka. Tykka Syf.” Answered Tykka shakily. I noticed she had a hint of an accent I’ve never heard before.

“Right, cool name. My name is Ezra. Friends call me Ez. Now look Tykka, no harm is coming to you. I promise. But right now my friend needs a doctor or he is probably going to die. Help him and I promise you my loyalty. I’ll get you out of this mess. Please.” I begged.

Tykka seemed to calm down, yet perk up a bit at the same time. “I will help you and your friend. Can we get him up here? What happened to him?” Questioned Tykka.

“Grady’s been shot and it looks really bad. It will take me forever to drag him up here. He is pretty large.” I said quickly.

“Alrighty then, no time to waste. Let me grab a few things and you can show me where this Grady is.” Said Tykka, looking like she was thinking in overdrive.

Tykka was an athletic little thing. First, Tykka jumped straight up onto a counter that was taller than she was. She opened a cabinet, grabbed a few bottles, syringes, and a few other items. After finding a bag to throw all of her stuff into, Tykka then jumped off the counter, completely over the medical table, and onto her desk on the other side of the room. Tykka typed something onto a touch screen and a floating gurney came flying out of a hidden slot in the wall.

I watched all this in amazement. Before Tykka turned to look at me I hurried up and put on a straight face. I was going for a, this is just an average day for me kind of look. Hopefully it was somewhat believable.

“Alrighty, all ready. Lead the way.” Said Tykka as we started our way to Grady. 

When we arrived, Eps was sitting on Grady’s chest. “Hang in there you big oaf. What good are you if you’re dead? Not very helpful at all.” Eps answered himself.

The little android then spun his head around one hundred and eighty degrees, and looked straight at Tykka. “Who is this now?! How did you hide from me Mr. Monkey? Answer me!” Yelled Eps.

Tykka looked very appalled. “First off, I’m a she, thank you very much. Secondly, I know a thing or two about hiding from androids. Now if that’s all, do you mind if I try to save your friend’s life?” Asked Tykka with some toughness. 

Eps flew up to Tykka’s face. Tykka looked like she was trying very hard to be brave. “I suppose, for now.” Cautioned Eps. 

Eps retreated from Tykka’s face to mine. Tykka went over to Grady and began checking his pulse. “She’s alright.” Said Eps quietly.

Just as I began to open my mouth, an alarm started going off. “Incoming ships. Incoming ships. Incoming ships.” Said a robotic sounding feminine voice.

“Well that can’t be good!” Growled Eps who threw his arms up in the air.

“You two better go see what’s going on! I’ll take care of your friend!” Yelled Tykka over the loud alarm.

 “Alright! Let’s go!” I shouted to Eps.

“If we die I’m going to murder you!” Eps said cheerfully before he zipped off. I followed as fast as I could.

By the time I got to the control room, there was a voice coming over the transmitter. “This is the Confederation. Return to Torin, or you will be shot down.”

I had not the slightest clue what to do. Then Eps looked over at me for a moment, and gave me a wink. This couldn’t be good, I thought to myself.

“You’ll never take us alive!” Yelled Eps like an insane person.

To be continued…

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