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Welcome to my Sweet and Short Reviews blog! This blog is all about reviewing my favorite movies, music, and whatever really. While keeping the reviews sweet and short. We all got things we need to do, right? I most definitely appreciate you reading this blog, and I hope you enjoy the review.

Today I am reviewing one of my favorite workplace comedy TV shows ever. NBC’s Superstore is simply about a huge retail store and the employees that work there. Simple, yet hilarious.

The creator of Superstore  is Justin Spitzer, who is a tremendous writer. Spitzer has helped with shows such as Scrubs and The Office, to name just a couple. America Ferrera is the executive producer of Superstore and also stars in the hit show. Among being an actor and producer, Ferrera is also a director.

My favorite part of Superstore, in my opinion, is that you can’t help but adore every single character in the show. Each character is so entertaining in their own unique way, yet at the same time, mesh perfectly together. I could list all of my favorite characters, but it would literally end up being the whole cast. If you are looking for something to watch and haven’t seen Superstore, I most definitely recommend it.

In my book, Superstore is definitely one of the all time best workplace comedies of all time. If you enjoy sci-fi and fantasy stories check out my website, tfam13.com. Watch out for more of my Sweet and Short reviews. I hope you enjoy the movie and the blog! Peace🤙

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