The Magical Staff (A Story For My Daughter)

It was a warm and beautiful day in our small town in Oregon. Unfortunately, you were far away, visiting momma’s family and friends. You were just a small baby. Like your little sister is now, a tiny ball of joy. 

Your Grandparents and I wanted to go find a river to play in. We traveled far and wide, looking for the perfect river where we could share drinks, laughter, and play in the water.

At last, we found the perfect stream. We had so much fun playing in the water, it felt like a dream. I then began to float down the river on my back, my eyes looking up at the sky. I must have lost track of time, before I knew it, I had arrived at a deep swimming hole.

Tanner, Tanner, Tanner.

Said a strange voice in my head. Somehow it sounded like it was coming from the Forest. I walked into the enchanting forest when the voice came back.

I know your ancestors, oh how we had good times.

The voice was so loud, I stopped walking at once. 

Down here young man.

I looked down and right in front of my toes was a small frog! I couldn’t believe a frog was talking to me! Maybe I was imagining the whole thing.

“No way is a small frog talking to me right now!” I shouted in disbelief. 


The frog then transformed into a huge giant. He was taller than the trees. I was speechless and frightened. The giant picked me up with his huge hand and brought me close to his enormous face. 

“Small? Who is small now? Said the Giant with a grumbling deep voice. 

“I’m sorry, I meant no disrespect. May I ask your name? I asked the giant shakily. 

The giant smiled. “Aegir. A good friend of your old family!” 

“Nice to meet you Aegir. So what brings you out here?” I asked. 

“I’m on vacation traveling the lands of humans for a change. Now I have a party I need to get to. I’ll tell you what. Since I love your family so much, I’ll give you a gift.” Stated Aegir.

“Really? There is no need to give me a gift.” I babbled.

The Giant laughed. “Well now I want to give you a gift even more! At the bottom of that swimming hole is an old magical staff with just a touch of magic left inside of it. If you have the gift to use magic you will be able to cast magic. Some of your ancestors used to be able to use magic. If not, the staff will still protect you and give you luck.” Added Aegir. 

“Thank you Aegir! That is very kind of you!” I said happily.

Aegir then set me down and transformed back into a frog. 

Now go young man and farewell.

I excitedly walked back to the swimming hole and dove in. As I swam down the deep water, I noticed a fish kept swimming around my head. Suddenly the fish turned into a young mermaid with rainbow colored scales. I could hear the little girl’s voice in my head.

How do you know about the staff? Answer me human! 

Quickly, I swam to the surface in a panic. I immediately began gasping for air. The mermaid’s head popped out of the water as well. I explained to the mermaid everything that had just happened, and learned the mermaid’s name was Saga. Saga also explained she was tending to a nearby waterfall and was taking a break. What a job that must be, I thought to myself.

“My father never paid me and my eight other sisters enough attention. Do you have any kids?” Asked Saga, whom had a sweet and soft voice.

“I have a six month old baby girl.” I answered with pride.

“How sweet. Then this is the deal I make to you. You may have the staff. Only you will never be able to use it’s magic. When you think your daughter is old enough to wield the staff, you may give the staff to your daughter as a gift. The magic in the staff will grow, as your daughter grows. Do you still want the staff now human?” Asked Saga.

“Of course, it will be the coolest gift a dad could give!” I cheered with excitement.

“Then you may take the staff. Be a good father to your daughter. I must go now. Farewell, Tanner.” Saga concluded.

Saga’s fishtail turned into legs, and she walked off into the shady forest. I dove back into the depths of the water. The staff was so deep it took to all my strength to retrieve it. Once I finally grabbed the staff from the bottom of the watering hole, all I could think about was how excited I was to give it to you one day.

The End.

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Tfam13 is all about my sci-fi/fantasy stories. Writing has always been my passion. I hope you all enjoy! Thanks 🤙

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