Sweet and Short Reviews: Future Man Review, and Season 4 Release date

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Josh (Josh Hutchinson) is just your everyday janitor who’s only passion seems to be video games. Everything changes when Josh finally beats his favorite game that no one has ever beaten before. Suddenly Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and Wolf (Derek Wilson) appear out of nowhere as time travelers usually do. Tiger and Wolf explain to Josh that the world is in peril and he is the only one who can save it. They then travel through time and embark on many adventures. It just so happens they tend to mess everything up as they go.

Future man is down right an hilarious show you can check out on Hulu. If you are into Seth Rogan type of comedy, this is the show for you. Seth is an executive producer and helped create the sci-fi series. Seth also appears in the show in season 2 and 3. 

The main cast is very funny, and entertaining as a three person team. The person that sticks out the most for me is definitely Wolf. This guy had me rolling with laughter throughout the series. From a sci-fi standpoint I love the 80’s vibe and references you get in Future Man.

Unfortunately the third season of Future Man will be it’s last. However, that doesn’t change the fact it was a sweet show while it lasted. Future Man is a rare sci-fi comedy gem in my book. If you enjoy sci-fi and fantasy stories check out my website tfam13.com. Watch out for more of my Sweet and Short reviews. I hope you enjoy the movie and the blog! Peace🤙

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