Sweet and Short Reviews: Big Time Adolescence

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When Mo (Griffin Gluck) was just ten years old, he befriends his older sister’s boyfriend Zeke (Pete Davidson). When Zeke and Mo’s sister break up, Mo still wants to be friends with Zeke. Zeke being the easy going guy he is, accepts. Fast forward like six years and Mo and Zeke are still kicking it. Mo finds it hard to find friends his own age, and looks up to Zeke like a cool older brother. With no evil intent inside Zeke, he is indeed not a great influence on Mo. Together they get into some trouble for sure.

The best part of this movie for me is Pete Davidson. He really makes the movie hilarious. Mo and the rest of the supporting cast, including MGK (Colson Baker) are fine, but Pete makes the movie. Writer and director Jason Orley’s first movie was very entertaining. I really like how this film makes you feel a blend of different emotions. This movie might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I feel like it will hit home for a lot of people. 

Big Time Adolescents is definitely a solid movie in my book. Go check it out on Hulu. If you enjoy sci-fi and fantasy stories check out my website tfam13.com. Watch out for more of my Sweet and Short reviews. I hope you enjoy the movie and the blog! Peace🤙

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